Antlers collected from Nordic game animals are clean and all-natural chews that provide dogs with rewarding and lasting entertainment. We process the antlers without using chemicals, which makes them a 100% natural product. After cleaning them, we cut them into pieces of different sizes for different-sized dogs to gnaw on. Antlers are naturally durable chews that are rich in vitamins and minerals and promote good canine dental health.

All-natural chews from the Nordic North

Antlers are natural and naturally delicious chews for dogs. To ensure that they are unadulterated and ecological, we clean the antlers using a process that involves zero chemicals. Because antlers are naturally durable, they also provide dogs with long-lasting entertainment.

We are able to ensure the purity, quality and responsibility of our products throughout the local production chain.

Antlers: Natural and ecological

Antlers are 100% natural and offer a wholesome and healthy choice for dogs.

  • No bleach
  • No chemicals
  • No additives
  • Rich in minerals
  • Rich in vitamins

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For the benefit of pets, pet owners and pet supply companies

We are a trusted expert partner to our customers. We make pet treats locally and deliver them to our customers punctually as agreed.

With our products, pet owners can easily make a sustainable choice and offer their beloved pets locally produced treats made of all-natural raw materials.

But our top priority is, of course, our real customers, the beloved family pets for whom we make our safe and great-tasting treats.

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