Delicious pet treats that can be served with a clear conscience

Kokkolan Pet Products is a private label manufacturer of premium pet chews that are safe, natural and made sustainably in Finland. We take natural and clean raw materials and make treats that pets love. The most natural products in the market, our treats and chews can be served with a clear conscience.

Premium private-label pet treats tailor-made for your brand

We offer design and production of tailor-made private-label products for your company. Our product range currently includes various types of dog chews and treats, but our in-house product development allows us to create pet treats that meet your company’s specific needs.

Our experts can help you plan and conceptualise a product or an entire product family for your brand. Also because we keep a close watch on industry trends, we are uniquely able to help you create the right products to grow your business.

In addition to our skills and expertise, we offer our customers the following:

Premium products made from clean, safe and natural raw materials

Products tailored individually to each customer

Flexible production volumes
Reliable and timely deliveries

Various packaging options

All-natural raw materials and products

All our products are free of artificial preservatives, dyes and other potentially harmful additives. We use locally sourced natural raw materials in our products: our main raw materials are rawhide from game animals, cows and horses, along with protein powder. We want our products to be and look natural. Because our products are clean, they are safe for pets. And they also taste delicious.

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Innovative. Competent. Always improving. We founded Kokkolan Pet Products because we wanted to put excess hides left over from the leather industry to good use. Our background is in the leather industry, which gives us a deep understanding of our primary raw material. We have food sciences experts who ensure that our production process is automated, transparent and hygienic, and experts who create product concepts for our customers. Each of our products is individually tailored for our customers.

We produce pet treats locally, cleanly and sustainably

We want everyone selling pet treats or buying treats for their pets to be able to select any of our products with a clear conscience, knowing that their choice is sustainable and natural.

To ensure this, we have a transparent production chain in which the origin of our products is fully traceable. We control the safety, quality and sustainability of our products throughout the production chain. This benefits our customers, consumers buying treats for their pets and, of course, the pets enjoying the treats.

Local production ensures sustainability, flexibility and delivery reliability

We source the majority of our raw materials from Finland and the rest from other EU countries. Our production facility is located in the village of Kotkamaa in Kokkola, on the west coast of Finland. We welcome all our customers to visit us and learn more about our production. By operating locally and flexibly, we can ensure reliable deliveries and best provide tailored solutions for our customers.

Carefully controlled quality

All our products are clean and safe, because our production processes are carefully monitored. Not only do we constantly check our products for bacterial content in our in-house laboratory, but we also regularly send our products to be tested at the Eurofins Finland laboratory.

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Chewing is a species-typical behaviour for dogs. Chewing chew bones and chew sticks provides both physical and mental stimulation for dogs. Chewing also helps maintain good dental hygiene, strengthens jaw muscles and alleviates stress. Our chew bones and chew sticks are safe for puppies and adult dogs of all sizes, and they are a joy to chew.

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Chew bones

We make chew bones in various sizes, both as single-ingredient chews and chews that have a tasty stuffing. Our range includes a delicious favourite for every dog, regardless of their size. Our all-natural chew bones are rolled from rawhide by hand.

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Chew sticks

Our tasty chew sticks are made of ground rawhide and come in various shapes and sizes. The chew sticks can be customised, enriched with either various flavours or functional qualities. We make chew sticks for dogs of all sizes.

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Our tasty pet treats are made of Finnish protein powder and psyllium fibre. The flavoured treat sticks can be enriched with vitamins, oils or ingredients that promote dental health.

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Antlers collected from Nordic game animals are clean and all-natural chews that provide dogs with rewarding and lasting entertainment.

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Custom products

We make custom pet treats tailored to meet your specifications.

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For the benefit of pets, pet owners and pet supply companies

We are a trusted expert partner to our customers. We make pet treats locally and deliver them to our customers punctually as agreed.

With our products, pet owners can easily make a sustainable choice and offer their beloved pets locally produced treats made of all-natural raw materials.

But our top priority is, of course, our real customers, the beloved family pets for whom we make our safe and great-tasting treats.

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