Chew sticks

We make chew sticks for dogs of all sizes: as chews for smaller dogs and treats for larger dogs. These scrumptious sticks can be made in different shapes and sizes and are a gut-friendly alternative to chew bones.

Grain-free chew sticks suitable even for sensitive stomachs

Our chew sticks are made of ground rawhide, which means they are particularly well suited to puppies and dogs with a delicate stomach. We can add protein powder to create different flavours, or make them functional chew sticks by adding superfoods or berries. In our dental chews designed to help promote canine dental health, we use sodium hexametaphosphate to help soften plaque and keep teeth clean.

We are able to ensure the purity, quality and responsibility of our products throughout the local production chain.

Safe and healthy chew sticks

We make our chew sticks from ground rawhide, using safe and natural methods.

Our chew sticks contain

  • no bleach
  • no grains
  • no added starch
  • no preservatives

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For the benefit of pets, pet owners and pet supply companies

We are a trusted expert partner to our customers. We make pet treats locally and deliver them to our customers punctually as agreed.

With our products, pet owners can easily make a sustainable choice and offer their beloved pets locally produced treats made of all-natural raw materials.

But our top priority is, of course, our real customers, the beloved family pets for whom we make our safe and great-tasting treats.

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